12 Best Spot Cleaners Perfect for Carpets

Interior decoration complements the beauty of a house. Choosing the right furniture completes the whole look. Aside from the design, comfort and coziness are equally important to make it feel like home.

Carpets are widely used due to its versatility. It comes in different designs, textures, and colors that you can choose from. The purpose of carpet is to insulate and protect the feet from a concrete floor or cold tiles.

The good thing about carpet is that you can easily replace it whenever you want to. However, cleaning carpets can be a struggle for homeowners. But there is no need to worry because there are a lot of carpet cleaners available in the market today.

To help you find the best spot carpet cleaner, here are the 12 Spot Cleaners Perfect for Carpets:

  1. Bissell Big Green Professional-Grade Carpet Cleaner (86T3)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Bissell Big Green Professional-Grade Carpet Cleaner (86T3)

With its powerful motor, extra-large brushes, and heavy-duty suction, make this carpet cleaner stands out. It pulls out deeply rooted dirt and removes all the unwanted smell from the carpet. The tanks for clean water and dirty residue are separated for any easy cleanup.

Bissell Big Green Professional-Grade Carpet Cleaner is made of durable and high-quality materials to last longer. It has a deep cleaning formula to reduce the cleaning time and protect the carpet from future stains. This comes with a 25-foot cord and a 9-foot hose to reach certain places.

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  1. Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner (FH52004PC)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner (FH52004PC)
As simple as a vacuum, all you need to do it to push forward to clean and pull backward to dry. But do not underestimate this carpet cleaner because it has serious cleaning power. It is designed with an automatic cleaning technology with Heat Force TM for optimum results.

Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner has a Flex Force brushes that smoothly lift the dirt. It comes with a 2 in 1 pet tool, 8-foot hose, storage bag, and cleaning solution sample bottle. Experience a hassle-free, simple, and powerful carpet cleaner perfect for your carpet. 

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  1. Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner (1986)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner
If you are looking for a lightweight carpet cleaner, then this one is best for you. The combination of New Max Clean Mode, Heatwave Technology and Dual Dirt Lifter Power Brushes give you the ultimate clean you need. With its fastest dry time of just 30 minutes, you can already use your newly clean carpet.

Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner offers different cleaning modes based on your needs. An attachable hose is included to help you clean upholstery, stairs, and other areas. The Tough Stain Tool is perfect for pet stains or any other spills.

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  1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner (FH50150)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner (FH50150)
Aside from carpet, this cleaner is also made to clean fabric surfaces around your home. With Spin Scrub Technology, you will get a clean and dry new-like carpet faster. The Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe assures to prolong the life of your favorite carpet.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner has a dual v nozzle for strong and even suction. Filling and emptying the tank will never be a problem due to its Smart Tank System that helps with drips or mess. It also has an automatic detergent mixing which provides the right mixture of water and soap.

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  1. Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner (93146)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner (93146)
The dual cross-action brushes help to easily remove dirt from your carpet. It also comes with a super boost spray mode to soften stains. Also, its suction power is 1250 watts which makes it two times efficient compared to other carpet cleaners.

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner has a retractable handle and wheels to move freely. The tanks are easy to remove, fill, and empty. It is a powerful machine that can permanently remove stains and odors.

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  1. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X-3 Carpet Cleaner (955030)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X-3 Carpet Cleaner (955030)
This carpet not only earns the highest rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute but also received a Seal of Approval from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Its ability to remove dirt, water, and soil makes it one of the best carpet cleaner in the market today. The Triple Action Vibrating Brush composed of more bristles to fully clean carpet fibers.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X-3 Carpet Cleaner has a versatility tool that can be used to clean mattresses, chairs, stairs, and more. Its handle can be adjusted and fold for easier storage. Also, the water tank of this carpet cleaner is big enough to lessen the need to refill over and over again.

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  1. Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner (FH50700)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner (FH50700)
A combination of lightweight and powerful is what this carpet cleaner offers. Its compact design was made to clean high traffic and small areas. The cleaning system comes with antimicrobial protection to sanitize pet dirt.

Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner’s dual tank system is easy to fill and rinse off the dirt. The Power Dash with Heat Force remove stains and dry the carpet faster. Its cleaning system is twice as powerful which helps to avoid any harmful bacteria that can cause allergies.

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  1. Rug Doctor Carper Cleaner (93300)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Rug Doctor Carper Cleaner (93300)
Enjoy the suction power of this carpet cleaner that deeply removes tough stains and odors. With its motorized brush that moves 1200 times per minute, it can scrub any stains and odors. It is a powerful machine that can also use to clean furniture, beds, and even vehicles.

Rug Doctor Carper Cleaner is slim and portable to fit in any storage area. The retractable handle and durable wheels can slide easily to any surface. A host is attached to the cleaner to reach certain places without creating any mess.

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  1. Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner (2513G0)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner (2513G0)
Try this carpet cleaner to experience an ultimate cleaning power. It has a powerful spray and suction with a built-in heater meant for spills, stains, and spots that are hard to remove. The tank capacity is 48 ounces and separates clean water from dirt residue.

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner has a 2 in 1 Crevice Tool to reach gaps and corners. A cleaning formula is also included to soften hard stains and remove them easily. However, you should not carry the machine while it is in use.

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  1. Bissell Cross Wave Pet Pro All-in-One Multi-Surface Carpet Cleaner (2306)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Bissell Cross Wave Pet Pro All-in-One Multi-Surface Carpet Cleaner (2306)
A carpet cleaner is way better than the usual mop and bucket. Not only can it remove dirt but it also stains and odors. This cleaner is very safe, effective, and compatible with a different types of floors such as wood, tiles, linoleum, and more.

Bissell Cross Wave Pet Pro All-in-One Multi-Surface Carpet Cleaner has a Tangle-Free Brush Roll to remove pet hair. It also has a Pet Hair Strainer that separates the hair from water to avoid any sink clogging. This cleaner has a cleaning formula with Febreze Freshness to eliminate unwanted odors from pets and other sources.

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  1. Rug Doctor Flex Clean Carpet Cleaner (93196)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Rug Doctor Flex Clean Carpet Cleaner (93196)
Using this carpet cleaner can help you maintain a clean, refresh, and deodorize carpet and floors. Any tough stains or dirt in hard-to-reach places can be removed with cleaner. This is a lightweight machine design to ease and reduce your cleaning time.

Rug Doctor Flex Clean Carpet Cleaner has two transparent tank system to keep the dirty water from the clean one. A specific button is made to lift the tanks away automatically. It also has two nozzles, one is for rotating brush to clean carpets, while the other is a rubber mop for cleaning hard floor surfaces.

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  1. Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Bagless Cordless Carpet Cleaner (2003)

Best Spot Cleaners for carpets: Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Bagless Cordless Carpet Cleaner (2003)
A cordless carpet cleaner is a perfect machine to work with ease. This one can remove any stain with its Oxy Cleaning Solution plus Professional Spot and Stain. There is no water needed because it features a ready-to-use formula.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Bag Less Cordless Carpet Cleaner uses a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 15 minutes. You can easily remove the suction nozzle to clean any dirt build-up. It is a very lightweight yet powerful cleaner that can permanently remove any stains.

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Things to Consider When Buying Carpet Cleaner

There are things you need to take into consideration before buying a carpet cleaner. It is more than just the brand, price, or popularity. You can try to read some product reviews to give you a sneak peek on what is the best among the rest.

To help you find the perfect carpet cleaner, here are some of the important features to look for:

Cleaning Performance

Carpet cleaners must remove all kinds of tough stains like dye or oil to any type of fabric. A strong scrubbing tool to be able to lift the stains with several passes. Also, the cleaner should suck up as much cleaning solution for quick drying.

Easy to Use

Carpet cleaners need to have a handle for easy carrying. A cord wrap and attachments are essential to secure the hose and cleaning tools and to avoid losing parts. Most users prefer carpet cleaners with automatic cycles to allow them for hands-free cleaning.

Compact and Lightweight

One of the features that users ask for any type of machine is to use and lift easily. Having a compact and lightweight carpet cleaner will allow the user to move freely and avoid the hassle of cleaning. Most machines today are made to be portable so you can use and store it anywhere.

Cleaning Attachments

The number of cleaning tools attached to the carpet cleaner should have at least one. It serves different purposes for cleaning the stairs, corners, or upholstery. All tools are necessary and contribute to the utmost result you need.

Cleaning Formula

A bottle of cleaning formula must be an additional item to the whole package. The usual bottle can fill a standard-sized tank and can last up to a year, depending on how often you clean your carpet. You can easily buy cleaning formulas anywhere but you just have to make sure that your carpet or upholstery is compatible with water-based cleaning solutions.

Power Rating

When it comes to a carpet cleaner, having a high-powered motor does not necessarily mean great output. Based on several tests, it shows that cleaners with 4 to 5 amperes perform the best. The worst cleaners are those who have 10 amperes rating.

Cord Length

Having a longer cord gives you more space to clean, especially those hard-to-reach areas. A 14-feet to the 20-feet long cord is more than enough to snake it around before it gets tangled. There is also cordless carpet cleaner which is way better because you can just carry it anywhere you like.

Heating Element

This feature is relevant to speed up the drying time of your carpet. In just 30 minutes after cleaning your carpet, you can already use it. The hot cleaning solution is even more effective than the usual cleaning solution.


For those heavy and bulky carpet cleaner, it would be better if it has wheels. That way, you don’t need to carry it while cleaning or pushing it to places that can damage your floor. If not, you can try getting a lightweight carpet for efficiency.

Water Tank Capacity

The size usually does not matter with a carpet cleaner as long as it is enough to be filled by the cleaning solution. The tank should have visible level lines to determine how much water or detergent to fill. It should also have flat bottoms so it can be placed on any surface without spilling or creating a mess.

Types of Carpet

Choosing the type of carpet is as important as choosing the carpet cleaner. Some carpet can’t handle water-based cleaning solution so you need to know what type is appropriate to use. So to help you, here are the different types of carpets:


This type is very soft and good resistance to any kind of stains. Most homeowners prefer nylon because it is easier to dye and holds the color very well. On top of that, it is cheaper than wool and can last up to 12 to 15 years.


This type is the next best-selling fiber carpet. Olefin is similar to wool but a bit cheaper. It is also resistant to stains but not with soil or oil.


This type is known for its ability to hold the carpet’s color for a long time. The good thing about polyester is it is non-allergenic and made of recyclable materials. However, it tends to be flat over time so it is not advisable to high-traffic areas.


This type is usually called synthetic wool because it has a resemblance to wool. It is not a very durable material and does not hold up very well. The color sometimes changes due to stains with certain chemicals that present to most cleaning solutions.


This type has the softest and luxurious material among the rest. It is a great carpet for those who are sensitive to chemicals and have allegories. But this natural material is highly prone to stain and is quite expensive.

Tips to Keep the Carpet Clean

Installing carpets and professional cleaning is costly so you need to take care of your carpet to last long. The key is regular cleaning using carpet cleaners and avoiding things that could stain the carpet. To help you maintain a clean carpet, here are some simple tips for you:

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly at least once a week. Dirt can easily get caught to carpet and leaving it for a long time can cause damage. Choose a high-quality vacuum that can cover all areas thoroughly.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the affected part of your carpet. Baking soda absorbs odors and keeps your carpet smelling fresh. Do this before vacuuming to make your carpet clean.
  • Treat the stains as soon as possible. Use a carpet cleaner with cleaning solutions to remove spill and dirt. You can also get professional help once in a while to make your carpet like new.
  • Use rugs on areas that are prone to dirt and spill. You can place it on doorways, dining areas, living rooms, and so on. It does not need to cover all carpeting but those parts that are exposed to contaminants.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the house. Shoes should never worn on carpets. Dirt from the outside can be stuck on the carpet through your shoes.
  • Be careful when bringing food or beverage on the carpeted area to avoid spillage. Also, encourage your kids to play away from the carpet. Preventing it to happen is the easiest way to keep stains off your carpet.
  • Avoid using any powder to eliminate the unwanted smell. It can leave residues that are hard to remove. Stick to baking soda before you can damage the carpet.
  • When you see a stain on the carpet, do not just rub it with tissue or towel. Doing this can worsen the case. Instead, use a carpet cleaner or call for professional help to save your carpet.


Keeping your carpet clean can be hard work. But with the help of carpet cleaners, you will never have to worry about dirt and stains. Try using the tips to maintain a clean carpet to make it last longer.


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