How can you get the Smell of Urine out of a Rug?

How to Remove the smell of Urine out of a Rug?

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Does your house smells like a dog or cat pee? If you have animals you may not even know that your house has a pet odor. One of worst smells that you may possibly deal with is when your pets have an accident and urinate in your home. You might not notice the smell but anyone that does not own pets surely can. You want to clean urine out of a rug but don’t know how can you get the smell of urine out of a rug.

Of course, you love your pets because they are your best companions when you feel down and they have your back every time you’ve had a bad day, but sometimes our pets cause us problems and ruin our mood to the point where they drive us crazy by urinating on our expensive rugs or carpets. This is likely to occur if your pet is not yet potty trained or if it is sick.

When it comes to removing urine it is important to get to where all the urine has gone. With the right steps and guidelines, it will become easier to clean pet stains as well as  get rid of pet urine odor completely.

So, here we shall be discussing a natural and homemade remedy to properly and efficiently get rid of your cat or dog’s urine odors and stains. But before that I will be sharing with you some important things you should know about how to get urine stains out of rugs and carpets. So, without further ado, Let’s get started!

Tips When Cleaning Carpet Odors

1. With shampooing the carpet urine odor may actually eliminate the odor instead of removing it because the heat involved.

2. For cleaning up pet urine steaming is actually not a good idea. Instead, you should spot clean with a specially formulated pet stain remover that is enzyme-based.

3. Try to avoid soaking the carpet when steaming or spot cleaning because water may seep down to the carpet pad, it will result in a mildew or  mold problem.

4. As soon as you see a fresh and wet urine spot, pull up the damp spot act as quickly as possible.

5. If urine dried on the carpet fibers you should be re-moisten the stain.

Main Materials Used for Cleaning Urine Odors on Rugs and Its Uses

1. Baking Soda – is a popular remedy and natural deodorizer remove stains and scars of any kind and leave the affected area cleaned up as it never had happened, and it is essential part in riding the problematic area of urine’s smells and stains.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide – is very strong at removing the stairs of urine, it works by breaking down the microscopic liquid particles of urine and then pulling them out, living the affected area free from the stains and urine’s smell.

3. Dish Detergent- it replaces the revolting the smell of your pet urine with its own fragrance, it plays a part in aiding the above substances to remove the stains, and its most importantly essential for the removal of the urine’s odor.

4. Vinegar – it miraculously a substance which will get rid of the old accident stains that may have been missed, and It’s simple, affordable, that works a goody on bloodstream and urine stains particularly.

Other Materials:
Empty Bottle
Old rags or cloth towels

Directions on How Can You Get Urine Smell Out of Rug;

1. Get an empty bottle and vinegar
2. Filled it with vinegar and half warm water.
3. Soak the all the stain like dripping away (go inch or round).
4. Leave for a 10-15 minutes.
5. Take the wash cloth towel and then fold it on the size of piece thing.
6. After you have super-soaked that strain area then soak up excess moisture with the cloth towel.
7. Get the baking soda
8. Sprinkle or cover the stain area with an even fairly thick coat of baking soda.
9. Get an empty bottle, hydrogen peroxide and little bit of dish detergent.
10. Mix the hydrogen peroxide and the dish detergent.
11. Spray it, start wetting the whole thing saturated. It will be bubbled.
12. After you’ve saturated the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and dish soap get a brush.
13. Rub it and scrub it all with the brush.
14. Let sit for 15-20 minutes then soak up excess liquid.
15. Sit and wait until it dry.
16. When it is completely dry take your brush and break up any clump.
17. Vacuum the area. Then, you’re done! There should be no stain or Oder left.

Wrapping up
Dealing with odors and urine accidents is part of being a pet owner, however, by taking a number of steps in order to minimize the odors, it’s possible to get rid of the smell and at the same time keep your house pet-friendly and fresh.

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