Your Ultimate How To: Cleaning a Polyester Rug

How to clean a polyester rug? With a wide array of options available in the rug market, have you wondered why polyester rugs are the ones under the spotlight?

Perhaps, the main reason why moms love polyester rugs, and generally by homeowners is because of its stain-resistant capacity. At the top of that, this kind of rug is known for its ecological friendliness, affordability, and matchless visual appeal. You can also hope that your polyester can slay and stand the test of time if handled correctly. These qualities are pushing people to include polyester during rug shopping.

However, it is still essential to know that no rug can be tagged “perfect.” While polyesters boast its stain protection, it still misses one significant characteristic. Apparently, durability can be considered as the Achilles’ heel of polyester rugs, even today. Thus, it is a must to know how you can make the most out of your newly-purchased polyester rug. And the way how you clean them can make a considerable impact on its longevity.

“How to clean a polyester rug?” If this question bothers your inner rug intuition, make sure to head over the following steps and cleaning tips.

Proper Ways to Clean your Favorite Polyester Rug

With the great characteristic that polyesters can offer, there’s no wonder how it gained popularity over time. From clothes, linens, and rugs, polyester proves excellence amidst being cheap. Polyester rugs had that particular ‘magic’ of making your bedroom, living, and dining room appear pleasing and cozy. That said, a careful cleaning method is a need to ensure they look good as new.


Here are some care routines you can consider:


  • Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum polyester rug

Owning a polyester rug requires you to know how it is necessary to vacuum and remove stains from it regularly. Make it a habit before dirt dominates your beloved rug. This way can be done once a week, but with high-traffic areas such as the living room, this needs an extra ‘vacuuming.’ Also, a regular vacuum session can prevent odor, which anyone surely hates. You can make use of suction or attachment arm to get rid of these maddening particles.


  • Deep Rug Cleaning

You know you have no power to control stains and spilled drinks in dirtying your rug. Even with a strain-resistant material like polyester, deep steam cleaning is still suggested. Aside from vacuuming, a spot stain cleaning can safeguard your rug’s life and beauty. Just make sure to use a well-tested carpet deep cleaner.


  • Blotting

There’s no time to waste with spills. Thus, you have to act immediately by cleaning them as soon as the spilling incident happens. For liquids, blot it with either a paper towel or a white rug. But, remember to avoid rubbing the stain. Just keep on blotting to make sure you absorb all liquids in the rug.


  • Using Safe Rug Cleaning Products

Investing in good quality cleaning products can really make a difference. This cannot only minimize wear and tear on the rug but can also keep your floor in good condition. Other than the quality it can give, you should also consider if it’s fine with synthetic fibers. The last thing you’d surely want is a bleached rug to welcome your visitors.


  • Contacting Professional Cleaning Agents

Professional cleaning can, indeed extend your rug’s life. You can invest in a yearly professional cleaning even if your carpet and area rugs don’t have specific stains. Mind you, but this step can help improve the air quality in your room.


These are just some of the ways to make sure you’ll enjoy purchasing a polyester rug. But, these cleaning methods won’t be effective, if in the first place, you bought a low-quality polyester rug.

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