SHAG RUGS: Ups and Downs and In-between

How to clean a shag area rug?

If you’re into home fashion and design, you love art and comfort, then this article is for you.


Shag rugs. A popular interior design suited and most commonly seen in living rooms, bedrooms and even in the offices too. A comfort piece of art that makes a room look more vivid (depending on the design), comfy, classy, stylish, elegant, warm and modern. Who wouldn’t want that? We say no more to boring areas or spaces!


But what is pleasing to the eye, needs an effort to maintain. Depending on how we value it, every beauty has a price. If we tend to keep it, we embrace the responsibility to take care of it. This thought also applies to a shag rug. So, without further ado, herewith are the things that are “MUST” if we value our shag rug.

How to clean a shag area rug? There are 5 types of Shag Rugs namely, Flokati, Wool, Leather, Acrylic, and Synthetic Rugs. Cleaning them depends on the type of rug you own. Please refer first to the care instructions of your rug before trying out the steps mentioned below for each kind of rug.


1. Flokati Rugs

  • These sheepdog-looking rugs are one of the fluffiest types. It usually comes in white, but it can be dyed into different color schemes.
  • Maintain its fluffy look and soft texture, one should clean it on a schedule of at least 2-4 times a month. If you own a small flokati rug, you can just let your washing machine do the work. Just make sure to follow the steps below:

a)  Use a Mild Detergent

  • It would be best to opt for mild detergent. Avoid using bleach as it will destroy your flokati rugs.

b)  Use Only Cold Water

  • Warm or tap water may destroy your flokati’s fluffy appearance

c)  Put Your Washing Machine in Delicate Setting

  • Remember to do this or else, you will ruin you flokati rug

d)  Hang it up Outside Your Home to Dry

  • Make sure the weather is good when you choose to hang it outside
  • If you have a larger Flokati Rug, you may hand wash it in your bathtub or your pavement. Use cold water, and mild detergent. You may use a sponge and tap it gently in the rug to get rid of visible dirt. And lastly, hang it to dry.
  • Voila! Your Flokati Rug looks new again!


Wool shag rug

2. Wool Rugs

  • These rugs have two different looks — “noodle” and “shaggy”. The latter is much easier to clean because its fibers are a lot thinner and closer together in contrast to those of the “noodle” rug wherein its soft noodle-shaped fibers easily attract dirt and other small particles present in your home.
  • Care for wool rugs, you should follow these steps:

a)  Shake the Dirt Out

  • Take your Rug outside, remove the rug pad and begin to shake the rug vigorously to get rid of deep-seated dirt. Do this until you are satisfied with the result. You may use a rug beater to hit the rug all over to loosen stubborn and deeply embedded dirt.

b) Use a Vacuum Cleaner

  • Remember to use a vacuum with no beater bar because beater bars are very harsh on wool and may ruin your wool fibers.

c)  Scrub it Lightly

  • Dip a sponge into your mild detergent and water solution and tap it gently into your wool rug. Keep in mind that the wool rug is very absorbent so try not to over-wet or saturate the fibers.

d)  Rinse Well

  • To do this, grab a wet sponge and tap the area you have cleaned. Make sure to completely rinse off your rug because any extra detergent present in the wool fibers will later attract more dirt.

e)  Remove Excessive Moisture

  • Make use of old towels to absorb excess moisture on your rug

f)  Dry completely

  • Before placing it back in your rug pad, make sure it is completely dry.

More Info: How to Clean your Wool Rug

3.  Leather

  • These crumpled up, paper-looking type of shag rugs are somewhat easier to clean because one can use a leather cleaner on them.
  • clean would be the best option, but if you cannot have it dry cleaned because of financial restrictions, you may use your vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Run the vacuum cleaner over your leather rug with extra care.

4.  Acrylic

  • Acrylic wool rugs look like cheap wool rugs. These are highly flammable rugs
  • For the cleaning instructions, you may follow the steps in cleaning a wool rug (please refer to #2)

5.  Synthetic/Polyester

  • The materials used to make these rugs include olefin, nylon, polypropylene, and rayon.
  • For the cleaning instructions you may treat it like acrylic or a wool rug (refer to #2)





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