How To Clean An Area Rug At The Carwash?

How To Clean An Area Rug At The Carwash?

For most homes, an area rug adds a statement personality in any décor. They add color and warm up any rooms as well as providing a cushy place for movie watching, game playing, and slumber partying. However, visitors, kids, and pets can make them extremely dirt and it is up to you to keep the area rug clean and tidy. In order for rugs to last for a long time, regular cleaning is required. You can send them out to a professional carpet cleaning service or spend hours and hours of back-breaking scrubbing.

The cost of professional carpet cleaning is no joke and the efforts and time you give when manually cleaning your area rug are not practical either. So, what can you do to clean your area rug efficiently and professionally?

Take it with you the next time you go to the carwash!


Carwash centers have the necessary equipment to efficiently clean your car. But, it does not say that you can’t take those dirty rugs with your car and wash it right there using the same tools.

Take note, however, that rugs are made of different kinds of materials, and you need to make sure that your area rug can be cleaned with pressure washers used in the car wash.

So, how do you clean an area rug at the car wash?

  1. Prepping Area Rug

First, you will have to prepare your rug before taking it to the car wash.

To start, vacuum your rug several times to get as much dirt as possible.

You can also lay the area rug upside down, allowing it to get compressed at the. Thoroughly sweep it on both sides, removing any loose dirt and debris. Removing any hair, food substances, dust, soil, and debris allows you to efficiently clean your area rug with the pressure washer from the car wash.

You can also take it outside and shaking it vigorously to remove dust and dirt.

For stains and spots consider spraying each one with a specialized solution an allow it to set, you can also use vinegar and baking soda solution and scrubbing the sport with a toothbrush. Now, you can also choose to sprinkle Oxiclean over the entire area rug if you want to.

Just make sure that your area rug is not colorfast, to prevent discoloration of your area rug when cleaning.

  1. Packing and Arriving at the Carwash

Roll your area rug for packing. You can use a rope or bungee cords, and place it on top or inside your car if it is small enough.

Drive to your nearest car wash. Once there, you will have to clean your workspace. This can be your car itself or on the floor. We recommend that you just place your rug on the ground instead of your car because that would be twice the cleaning you need.

Just make sure to spray the ground clean of debris and particle that can stick on your rug before you start. This should also help work out any wax or soap that may have been in the nozzle of the sprayer from the previous user and you do not want that getting on your rug.

  1. Washing .

Lay down the rug on the floor.  Take note of any heavily stained areas. Open the sprayer and hold it away from the rug first to test the pressure of water. If the pressure is good enough, hold the wand about 0.3 meters from the area rug surface and start spraying. Make sure to not hold it too far or too close. Otherwise, it could end up damaging your area rug.

In order to ensure that the cleaner works efficiently, you can moderately pass it over the surface taking out any spots, dirt or dust. We also recommend that you take with you a box of baking soda. Sprinkle it on heavily stained areas and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.

After that, spray on the area again. After that, rinse thoroughly to remove all the soap. Rinse the rug thoroughly and make sure that there are no traces of soap left.

  1. Drying

After washing, roll the area rug back up. You can ask for assistance since area rugs tend to be much heavier when wet and prop it against a wall in order to let the excess water drain off for at least 5 minutes. Place it back on the roof of your car and drive home.

Once your home, find a drying spot where you will place the area rug to dry. Just make sure that the ideal spot is free from any dust or dirt and accessible to the wind. You can place it on a clothesline, a rack or several chairs under the sunlight to dry up faster.


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