How to Get Vomit Out Of Carpet: Ultimate Guide

Cleaning a pile of vomit on the carpet is perhaps one of the most unpleasant tasks every homeowner has to deal with.

Similar to the dog poop on the floor, vomit on your carpets need to be removed as soon as possible. However, if your problem is that you don’t know how to get vomit out of your carpet then keep on reading.

Below we’ve compiled some of the effective ways to clean vomit off your carpet. No worries because all the methods can do with ease.

As a piece of advice, before you try any of these methods make sure to put on disposable or latex gloves first. Doing so will not only protect your hands from the unpleasant smell of the vomit but from the substance that you will be using as well as protect you from germs.  However, if you don’t have a pair of gloves at home, you can turn plastic bags inside out on your hands as an alternative.

Here is Ez Rug Cleaning‘s complete step by step guide to get vomit out of the carpet!

Top 3 Ways on How to Get Vomit Out of Carpet

  1. Use ammonia and club soda

One of the most powerful tools that you can use to remove vomit stains as well as odors is ammonia. However, before you proceed with this method, make sure that it will not damage your carpet by testing the treatment in a not easily seen area. If you don’t notice any changes then follow the steps below.

  • First and foremost, get rid of all the solids from your carpet using either a spatula or spoon. Then pick them up using paper towels or a towel. Make sure to work from the outside to the middle so that the stains will not spread.
  • Next, pour club soda on your carpet, covering a part about 1 1/2 times the actual size of the vomit stain. By the way, if you don’t have club soda you can use cold water instead.
  • Let the liquid stay for about 30 seconds.
  • Using a paper towel or a piece of dry cloth, blot the vomit stain, soaking up the stain and the water. When the cloth or towel is wet, make sure to change the cloth. Repeat this step ’til no more vomit stain is transmitted on the cloth.
  • Then, mix a tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of warm water. Using another dry and clean white cloth blot the solution on your carpet.
  • Lastly, vacuum your carpet to soften and at the same time lift up the fibers.

On average, this method done for about 10-15 minutes.

  1. Use a spot stain remover


If you want to ditch the process of mixing water and ammonia, detergent, or other kinds of chemicals then you may want to buy a spot stain remover that is readily available in the market.

This is perhaps the easiest method that you can try to get vomit out of your carpet. Because all you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer.

As a reminder, make sure to check the product first since not all of them are suitable for all types of carpet. Some of them may work on wool carpets but others may not.

  1. Use Corn starch

Howt to get vomit out of carpetAnother great way to eliminate vomit from your carpet is by using corn starch.

To get a start, scrape off the vomit using a scraper and then scoop it.  Then sprinkle a small amount of corn starch on the stained part of your carpet. Allow the corn starch sit for 10-15 minutes, this will aid in absorbing the vomit.

After that using a cloth, apply some dry cleaning solvent that you can easily find in stores. Then blot the stains until the cleaning solvent has been completely absorbed. The stains will no longer able to  seen or the smell will vanish as well.

However, if you notice bits and pieces of the vomit stain, simply mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of vinegar (white), and two cups of water (warm). Then, sponge the stains. To get rid of the solution, rinse your carpet using cold water.


Aside from the above-mentioned, there are other methods that you can try to eliminate vomit.

Nevertheless, know how to get vomit out of carpet is not a pleasurable nightmare, but it is a job that needs to be performed in order to keep your place clean. Obviously, the perfect situation would be for you as well as your loved ones to no get sick.

So, if you want to lessen the amount of home that will spread around your place during the flu . Cold season make sure to implement any of the above-mentioned methods.

Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot.

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