How to Sanitize Carpets: The Ultimate Guide

How to Sanitize Carpets: The Ultimate Guide

Wow, your place looks good with carpet, beautiful and looks comfy! But, is it bacteria and germ-free? You might say yes because you clean it regularly. Day-to-day vacuuming is great and very useful for eliminating dust and dirt. But vacuuming does not eliminate germs and bacterias.

If your office or house has a carpet, then you’ll need to know this.

Carpets are usually made of polyester fibers, or nylon, or wool.  And these carpets can accommodate harmful bacterias and germs and, those allergens! Allergens such as dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions.

Your home should be a comfort zone. So this is why it’s essential to sanitize your carpet?


how to sanitize dirty carpet

Cleaning the carpet is a must to keep it looking good. Thus, sanitizing plays an important role too, it is to eliminate or to keep away from any harmful bacterias and germs that can possibly cause serious harm to your health and to your family as well.

Sanitize means deep cleaning and/or bacteria-free. Carpets, as well as any other household or office furniture, requires sanitation. Consider the following reasons why we need to sanitize carpets.

  • Eliminates germs, bacterias, mites, and allergens
  • Sanitizing enhances the appearance and it prolongs the carpet’s life
  • Improves airflow and quality
  • Reduces the risk of colds and other health problems

So, If you care for your family or loved one’s safety, you can follow these guidelines on how to sanitize your carpet. Here is your cheap yet safe for your pets and kids (if you do have) method to sanitize your carpet.


What you’ll need:

White Vinegar

-Hot water

-Steam cleaner

STEP 1: Clear the area/room

It’ll make the job easier and to be able to clean the carpet thoroughly there must be no hindrance (furniture, toys, other stuff).

STEP 2: Dust Off

Dust off all the dirt starting from ceilings down to walls and floors. Must dust off all the specks of dirt from fans and from any other stuff that could fall into the carpet.

STEP 3: Mix the solution

Mix the solution of vinegar* and water. Ratios may vary depending on your steam cleaner. If your machine doesn’t have the given ratio, you can use this ratio, one part of vinegar and one part of water.

You can also mix the solution in a spray bottle and gentle mist over the carpet. Take note to mist only, do not over-saturate your carpeting.

*White vinegar is safe to use for it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is said to be one of the best cleaning partners for your household chores mixed with some other natural cleaning agents.

STEP 4:  Fill the steamer

A steam cleaning will sanitize your carpet thoroughly. Read and carefully follow the instructions of your machine. You can use white vinegar and water as an alternative for soap or detergents.  Add an equal portion of white vinegar and hot water and add to the fluid compartment of your machine.

STEP 5: Steam the carpet

Steamers work differently, so check the manuals on how to operate it before starting the machine. Should do this process with barefoot so you won’t put any dirt on the carpet again, this will make you repeat the cleaning. Start at one edge moving forward making your pattern finish on the other edge of the carpet.

STEP 6: Dry the carpet

After completing the above-procedures, its time for the final step.

Lastly, we need to completely air-dry the carpet. You can turn on the ceiling fans for about 6hours or more until the carpets dry completely. Avoid touching the carpet or walking on the carpet while it’s still wet. This will avoid inviting new dust and dirt to stick on the carpet. And you don’t want to repeat the whole process at the same time.

And voila, your carpet is now looking good and sanitized all by these easy and safe cleaning hacks! Having your carpet cleaned and sanitized makes the ambiance feel good and safe.

TIP: To keep your carpet sanitized lasts longer, you can now prepare the mixed solution of water and white vinegar into equal parts in a bottle. Once a month, you can gentle spray this solution on your carpet to keep it disinfected.

Alternative Method

If you are not satisfied or confident or if you are too busy, reach out for professional cleaning. Call carpet dry cleaning service agents. Doing this so may cost you.


We want to do our best when it comes to our health and well-being. Let us make sure that our carpet is clean and sanitize every time. It is the important thing to keep in mind because as the sayings go “ Health is Wealth”.



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