Persian Rugs: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Persian Rugs: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Persian rugs are popular for their unique designs with rich colors. They come in all shapes and varieties and typically made from materials such as cotton or wool, however, they can also be made from things such as synthetic or silk materials. Adding Persian rugs to your home can bring color and life to every room.

However, like most rugs, they will get dirty. A rug can bring a room together and enhances the view, but only if it’s clean. And given the nature and cost of creation, the stakes are definitely higher with Persian rugs.

Fortunately, with the proper techniques on how to clean a Persian rug, you can protect your investment and keep t looking new for a long time.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Persian Rug?

When talking about the best, you will have to take it to a professional carpet cleaning company. It is recommended that rugs, especially the delicate Persian rugs, be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Professionals clean Persian rugs using steam, deep or dry-cleaning in order to restore it to its pristine condition. They have spent years in mastering their service and are pretty much knowledgeable on how to deep clean without damaging the delicate Persian rugs.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Persian Rug?

Professional rug cleaning varies according to several factors, including the cleaning method used, any deep stains and whether it is heavily soiled or not, as well as the materials of the rug.

The average cost to clean an area rug can range from $50 – $350 for the average size from 4 x 8 – 6 x 10. Rug cleaning per square foot can cost from $1.25 to $8 with Persian rug cleaning cost $5 – $8 per square foot.

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DIY Cleaning: How To Clean A Persian Rug?

You might be wondering if you can wash a Persian carpet all by yourself. While it is recommended that you have it professionally cleaned, there’s really no stopping you to do it yourself.

So, how do you do it?

  1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Take out your vacuum and start vacuuming your Persian carpet to remove any debris and dirt off its surface. You will need to do this at least once every 2 weeks, making your rug smell and look new for an extended period.

Lay down your rug on the ground, slowly vacuuming both sides. Repeat this process at least three times so as to remove all dust and dirt within your rug. When vacuuming, do it in the direction of the rug fibers. Also, do not use the vacuum on fringes since they can get stuck in the sweeper.

However, if you have a really expensive or antique piece, then we would suggest getting a dedicated carpet tool such as an electric sweeper to prevent minute damages to your rug.

  1. Sweeping

While most people tend to beat the rug off to cleanliness, with Persian rugs it is better to gently wipe the dirt off. This should prevent damages and wear and tear on your delicate Persian rugs, increasing its lifespan.

Just make sure not to move the broom back and forth since it can damage the materials of the rug. The main purpose of sweeping is to occasionally clean the dust away and giving the fibers a refreshed look.

  1. Shaking It Away

Probably the easiest way to have your Persian rugs cleaned every day, is to shake it away. If it is not that bog, you can take your Persian rug out and shake the dust and dirt away.

You can ask for an extra hand if it is too big or place it in several clotheslines or come bench shaking each side until cleaned.

  1. DIY Deep Cleaning

When doing a deep clean all by yourself, there are some things you need to consider. One of them is determining if it is color-fest. You can just test on each color or lift the rug and reading the instructions on the label.

You might be wondering:

Can I steam clean a Persian rug?

Yes, you can. But that would require you to have a steam cleaner or hire one. The good news is that Persian rugs are known for their ease of hand washing.

After vacuuming, shaking or sweeping the rug to remove large particles, you can spray both sides with cold water or use a garden hose. Fill a bucket of cold water and rug shampoo. Rinse the rug gently with the cleaning solution using a non-shedding sponge or a long-haired soft brush. Spray water to remove both detergent and dirt. Leave the rug to dry.

  1. Removing the Odors

Pungent musty smell? How do you get the smell out of a Persian rug?

One way is to use a water, vinegar and detergent solution that does not only remove stains and odors but also give your Persian rug a refreshed look.

For an easier method, you can use talcum powder, sprinkling it all over the rug and leaving it for the night. Talcum powder is known to absorb all pungent smell. After that, you can just vacuum the powder, leaving your rug a refreshed scent.


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