Step by Step Cleaning Guide and Proper Ways of Cleaning Rugs in the Washing Machine

What comes to your mind when the topic is a rug? Precisely; It’s a doormat, A piece of material used for whipping one’s feet or a decorative and protective floor covering.

Every time you enter your home, the first décor that you can see inside the house of your doorstep is rugs. Rugs plays an important part in our home decor, and important part in our daily life. It accentuates our house and creates a fabulous look on our home, gives warmth and comfort for those who walk, sit and sometimes lie on it and it helps us to create the perfect and better air quality atmosphere in our home.

Importance of Cleaning Rugs:

However, some people overestimated and almost forgotten the importance of rugs especially in our health, that naturally help us alleviate problems such as allergies, asthma and other breathing problems because it acts like a filter for airborne pollutants that absorbs allergens, filtering particles in the air; like bacteria, other allergens, dust and pollen!,

Which protects your family to all of these harmful possible illness and gives comfort in breathing clean air. Practically it indeed work if the rugs are cleaned regularly! A clean rug is important both for the appearance of your home and the health of the people who live in it.

You do use rugs on your daily basis and because people usually walk and step on it, these tends to get dirty, so these are going to take to make it clean. Unfortunately, you don’t need to hire a professional to fully clean your rugs, it’s really just a commonsense on how to clean it, and of course; that is, you just need the right tools, cleaner, approach and steps to do it, There are a number of ways to clean rugs, depending on the nature of the mess.

Nevertheless, many comes up to their mind if they can wash rugs in a washing machine? Definitely Yes! And here, I will give you some simple and easy steps on how to wash your rugs in washing machine properly. But before that, I want to give you some tips you need to know before washing rugs in your washing machine.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s get started step by step cleaning guide!

6 Tips:

6 Tips You Need to Know Before Washing Rugs in Your Washing Machine

1. Wash those small or medium rugs in the washing machines to run it smoothly.
2. Just wash only cloth rugs in washing machines and avoid washing those with rubber backings because it can loosen the adhesive that holds the rubber to the rugs which causes it to fall apart more quickly.
3. Always separate the white rugs and colored rugs before washing it, these tips will ensure that the certain rugs will not be mixing each color.
4. Always use hot or warm water with detergent and Clorox for the white rugs to be as white as possible, while using cold water with detergent powder only for your colored rugs.
5. Buy a nice quality rugs, so that they may not tear while washing in the machine.
6. Wash your rugs monthly, so they will look neat and clean.

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Step by Step Cleaning Guide with 10 Steps and Proper Ways of Cleaning Rugs in Washing Machine

1. Wash rugs one by one in plain water to remove mud.
2. In a half bucket of water, add 1-5 tbs detergent powder depends on how many rugs you will wash and mix it well,
3. Dip the rugs one by one on the bucket with detergent powder.
4. Soaked it there the whole night to remove stains, dust and dirt.
5. Turn the rugs once in between to clean the back of the rugs.
6. After leaving it the whole night brush or scrub the rugs quickly especially the edges. You do not need to brush or scrub it hardly. (This is for an optional basis only, if you don’t want to brush or scrub it, that’s okay!).
7. Remove mat from dirty water and rinse it until the water is clear before putting it on the washing machine.
8. Roll up your rugs and put it in a washing machine add detergent powder and wash in quick wash mode.
9. Wait until the washing machine stops and the rugs are already clean and semi dry.
10. Dry it in sunlight for 1 or 2 hours, the rugs are already clean and ready to use.


Cleaning or washing your rugs is not that hard, tiring, spare muscle and difficult as you think, you just need to be creative and find an easy and fastest way while making fun and enjoying cleaning or washing your rugs. Here’s we gives step by step cleaning guide for you. Therefore, I conclude that you can also make your own great list of ideas that might work and easy for you, however you can also consider those brilliant tips and steps mentioned above for your further options and hopefully it will help you and satisfies you on the results.

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