The Top 5 Best Mini Carpet Cleaners 2020

The Top 5 Best Mini Carpet Cleaner 2020

Sometimes vacuuming simply isn’t enough. And people with kids as well as pets can attest to this very fact. If you just saw a very bad mess or some heavy-duty stains on your precious carpet, then you will have to consider the best mini carpet cleaner.

Mini or portable carpet cleaners look like tiny vacuum cleaners. However, they are far more effective and versatile. These cleaners use powerful suction, cleaning solutions and scrubbing to clean even the toughest of stains. And that’s not all! They are so compact and small that they are quite easy to maneuver and comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

So, if you are on the market to pick a mini carpet cleaner, then make it a lot easier for you and choose from our recommendations.


The Top 6 Best Mini Carpet Cleaners 2020


    1. SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

    SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

Boasting a 4.1-star rating with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, the SpotBot Pet from Bissell is the best choice for all pet parents. Our pets can sometimes be mischievous, doing their business on your precious carpet. The good news is that when pet stains happen, the Bissell SpotBot will have no trouble doing the dirty work for you.

Offering a hands-free operation, you can choose from the two cleaning cycles of this cleaner and let it do all the work without your supervision. Featuring deep-reach technology, the SpotBot cleaner can reach extremely tough stains and removes it from the bottom up. In addition, its brushes also move in a unique spiraling way, making 400 revolutions to remove and clean stains.

Furthermore, a tough stain tool is also added to your purchase as well as a Bissell Pet Formula which is specially designed to remove even the worst kind of stains left by your pet. Pet odor is guaranteed to be eliminated completely. At 14 pounds, this cleaner is lightweight and features a 15 feet power cord, increasing your cleaning range.

  1. Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, Lightweight Machine, Red, FH50251PC

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, Lightweight Machine, Red, FH50251PC
With almost 13,000 reviews on Amazon, this upright portable carpet cleaner from reputable company Hoover is a favorite among homeowners. At just 18 pounds, this carpet cleaner is super easy to lift and carry around your home. Or you can just pull it around with its reliable wheels.

The cleaner features a spin scrub brush system that rotates the brushes at 360 degrees, removing even the toughest stains and dirt. Not only that, the cleaner is also fully equipped with a dual v nozzle that power-ups its suctioning. Also, the cleaner releases hot air, making it easier for the area to dry.

The unit also comes with tools for cleaning crevices, stairs, and upholstery, so you can clean hard-to-reach areas without a problem. The dual tank tech of this unit is also a major advantage since it is super easy to remove, clean, maintain or replace. Hoover also added a sample bottle solution in your package to get you started instantly.

  1. Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner, Blue, 2117A

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner, Blue, 2117A
Another amazing product from Bissell, the 1400B model is Amazon’s Choice for “Portable Carpet Cleaner” with a 4.3-star rating. This unit is designed for the deep cleaning and allows cleanup of any size. Thanks to its compact size plus that 15 feet power cord, it can easily access tiny areas and tight spots with great maneuverability.

The cleaner sprays and sucks your carpet and upholstery of dirt and stain with a click of a button. It uses 3 inches tough-stain tool that scrubs away tough stains. Meanwhile, the inbuilt heater of the unit can heat water to 25 degrees to clean messes easily.

With a hydro-rinse tool attached to the cleaner, it has the ability to self-clean making it convenient for busy individuals. Constructed from 50 percent recycled plastic, you will also feel good about using eco-friendly units.

  1. Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner

Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner
Featuring a bright red color, this portable cleaner from Rug Doctor features carpet-friendly wheels with retractable handles, making it easy to drag around as you look for more spots and stains.

Featuring a compact and small design, it is super easy to lift and allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas easily. With its motorized brushes brushing1,200 times every minute, even the toughest stains won’t stand a chance. With the 5.5 inches hose, you can use it to reach small areas and can be used on your upholstery, carpets, and even cars.

Its powerful suction also has twice the power compared to other portable cleaners, extracting deep stains as well as shortening dry times. The cleaner has a 1-gallon tank capacity so you can use it without stopping frequently for refills as well as 15 feet of power cord for better maneuverability.

  1. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner
Another great offering from Hoover, the Spotless Portable Cleaner is a lightweight unit that only weighs 9 pounds and boasts a small and compact size, perfect for small spaces. Not only that, its long hose makes hard-to-reach-area cleaning easy and quick.

Featuring deep reach technology, the Hoover Spotless can help clean and remove extremely tough stains. It boasts 2 tanks with each having a 0.4-gallon capacity, keeping the dirty and clean water separate for more efficient cleaning. Both tanks are removable making it easier to clean.

Not only that, but even the hose is also self-cleaning. You do not have to worry about bad odors in the hose again. You can plug the hose to the cleaning port and turn it on to flush out the debris. Hoover also added a cleaning solution and pretreat gel in the package for a complete starting clean.

  1. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner
Closing our list is another Bissell unit— the SpotClean 3624 model. This is a professional spot cleaner that can be used to clean all kinds of stains and dirt you can think of— from stairs, upholsteries, stairs, and cars.

This cleaner uses warm water in combination with a special cleaning formula included with the package to break down the stain and assist in cleaning. Then its powerful suction works to remove the stains and spots.

In addition, this cleaner features a large 0.75-gallon tank so you don’t have to refill frequently. There’s also the extended 22 feet power cord, giving you control to the unit’s mobility. Bissell also added an extra 6 inches stair tool as well as a 5-foot long hose that makes it easier for you to clean hard-to-reach areas. Meanwhile, the 3 inches tough stain tool helps in cleaning the toughest stains.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Mini Carpet Cleaner

  1. Cleaning Performance

First and foremost, the best carpet cleaners should be able to completely remove dried-on, tough stains of any kind— oil, protein, dye, and tannin— on any fabric surface. It should also lift stains within a dozen or more passes with its scrubbing tool and suck up as much cleaning solution or faster drying.

  1. Weight

Mini carpets are designed to be portable and handheld. While some can be lightweight for you to carry around, there are some that can be unforgiving and will sink into your carpet. Weight is particularly important if you have a plush carpet. A heavier carpet cleaner can ruin your carpet’s appearance.

  1. Suction

Portable carpet cleaners need to have a good amount of suction. This should allow the cleaner to remove as much moisture and water from your carpet as possible so you are not left with a wet carpet. Wet carpets tend to attract mildew and odor which is a big no-no in your home.

  1. Tank Size

In general, the bigger the tank, the better. This should help reduce the amount of time you spend running around just to refill the cleaner. However, take note that larger tanks can also become heavier. So, you need to strike a balance between the unit’s tanks size and weight.

  1. Hose and Cord Length

For mini carpet cleaner, you will need to choose the longest cord and hose you can find. This should give you better reach to deeper and hidden areas and help you clean easily. Meanwhile, a longer cord should give you better maneuverability and greater flexibility.

  1. Accessories

Do you need extra attachments? Unfortunately, most portable carpet cleaners don’t come with extra attachments like vacuum cleaners. Some models, however, offer tools that are specially made for crevices, upholstery and pet messes as well as specialized cleaning solutions to make stain and spot cleaning easier.

  1. Warranty

Like any appliances, it is always a good choice to purchase a product with a warranty of at least 1 – 2 years. Look for units with a limited warranty covering parts and defects for a risk-free buying.


Buying a portable carpet cleaner is an excellent way to keep your carpet, upholsteries, stairs, and even car looking nice and clean. With its rising popularity, choosing the best one can be quite confusing. However, any mini carpet cleaner from our above list is guaranteed to give your carpets the facelift they so deserve.


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