Wet Carpet? 6 Ways On How To Dry a Rug

Wet Carpet? 6 Ways On How To Dry a Rug

Area rugs are an excellent way to add a statement style and brighten up any room. They come in various types, designs, colors, and shapes that you should be able to find the perfect ones for your home style.  However, if it gets wet during a sewage backup or flood or maybe just feels damp after a cold winter or after having it cleaned, you will have to take action in order to dry your wet carpet. Not only will it deteriorate the longer it is left wet, but it will also start growing mildew and mold that can pose potential health risks to your entire family.

How To Dry a Rug? 6 Simple Ways

  1. Use Shop Vac  For Wet Carpet

More often used on woodwork shops and building sites, shop vacs feature strong suction which can remove more objects compared to the standard vacuums. Now, if you do not have one at home, your local hardware shop should have one for rent.

Some shop vacs can also remove water and are usually known as wet/dry vacuums. These units have a powerful motor with special filters that can handle moisture and water. You should be able to use any shop vac, however, you need to make sure that the filter is made from sponge or is water-safe. Paper filters tend to disintegrate when exposed to water.

This kind of vacuums typically comes with different attachments that suit the area and size you are cleaning. It is highly recommended that you start with the largest attachment available, working on the smallest one.

When drying, you need to push the attachment into the rug, providing a good suction on the padding where most of the moisture is held.

  1. Towel Dry

Once you extracted as much moisture as possible using the vacuum, you can place some dry towels on the rug. This should absorb some of the excess moisture that is left.

Walking or pushing on the towel should help squeeze some extra moisture out. Replace the towels once they start to feel wet. Then, repeat the process until the towels stay dry even if you jump or walk on them.

  1. Create Air Flow

Probably the best way to quickly dry your carpet is by creating a nice airflow in the room. If your carpet is placed in a room with windows, then you can open them up and let the fresh air do all the work. This is the best way to prevent any damp and musty smells that carpets tend to develop in a closed room.

However, you don’t need to open all windows available. IF there are 2 windows opposite to each you, you can just fully open one and the other just a bit. This should create a strong crosswind which can help your rug to dry quicker.

Good as it is, this method will heavily depend on the weather. Cloudy and rainy days will not do much good when drying your rug and will create a more humid environment instead. So, if the sun is not shining brightly, keep your windows closed and try the other methods.

  1. Use The Fan For Wet Carpet

Fans are the next best option when the weather outside is not appropriate for drying.

In particular, ceiling fans are quite handy when drying out rugs. If your rug is located directly underneath the fan, it dries the rug very efficiently. The fan creates a concentrated funnel of air which dries out your carpet fast enough. It is also an excellent way to avoid that musty smell since it efficiently circulates the air.

In case you do not have a ceiling fan, then you can just use a desk or standing fan. Although these will not be as effective as ceiling fans that are located directly above the rug. But, placing 2 smaller fans at each side of the rug should provide enough circulation for fast drying.

  1. Blow Dry

If you hired a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet, then you can also ask for a blow-dry. This usually involves using a fan or blower to dry out only some areas of the carpet. This method is pretty quick, so it is not as thorough as the ones mentioned above. Still, it is an excellent way to quick-start your rug’s drying process.

  1. Turn On The Air-conditioning For Wet Carpet

Using your air-conditioning unit to dry out your wet carpet should only be your last resort. It is not as effective at drying as the fan since it will not circulate air as much, so it does not provide a completely fresh environment. However, during a rainy day, an AC unit could be beneficial if the fan is not an option.

Take note, however, that the cold air from the AC will react with the damp fabric, making it difficult to know whether your rug is completely dry or just cold. In addition, drying with AC takes longer to dry fully.


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